Jake Flint Dies: Country Music Singer-Songwriter Was 36

Singer-guitarist Jake Flint has died at the age of 37, according to social media posts. No cause of death was revealed.

On the heels of Jake Flint's tragic passing, Kelly Cline has shared an emotional essay about her relationship with the late artist. 

The heartbreaking post recalls Jake and Kelly signing their artist management contract when they began working together as partners.

Flint died on Saturday night, hours after he was married. Cline said that she and Flint were "about to embark on some business together" when his loss happened.

In 2016, Flint released his debut album, I'm Not OK. In 2018, he released Live & Not OK at Cain's Ballroom, Jake Flint, and last year's live release of Socially Distanced at Mercury Lounge. 

In 2013, the singer-songwriter had local hits in Texas and Oklahoma with "Cowtown," "Long Road Back Home," and "What's Your Name."

"We can't imagine anyone in LA being so close to someone as much as Jake," Cline added. "Please pray for his new wife, Brenda, his family, and friends. It'll be incredibly difficult for many."

Flint could happily dance with his bride in a video shared on her Facebook profile.

"I don't understand," Brenda posted. Facebook is a fantastic resource for sharing your stories, opinions, and memories. Finding comfort in others who have been through similar experiences can help make coping easier when tragedy strikes.

"I should be doing wedding photos, but instead, all I can do is imagine my husband in a box with what we're going to wear tomorrow," she wrote. 

"We aren't meant to feel this much pain, and I don't think my heart can take much longer. It just won't be the same without him."