why we celebrate Christmas? you need to know more about Christmas

why we celebrate Christmas?

why we celebrate Christmas?
why we celebrate Christmas?
  • because that day is the birthday of Jesus Christ, Christians are believing that they are the son of God.
  • Well, Christmas means christ + mass = Christmas, it is the birth of Christ and also it is a second very important day from Christians after easter and week.
  • nowadays all people are celebrating Christmas, whether they are Christian or not. on this day all the people are very happy and meeting with friends, family and loved once. also at this time all the people are giving and receiving presents and gifts

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What is the purpose of celebrating Christmas?

  • Gift giving and getting, the celebration of the juices christ birthday 25 December, social gathering, cultural celebration, and annual celebration.

Why is Christmas important to Christians?

  • Because it is a very important day for the Christians when their god Jesus comes on earth as the face of a human.
  • Christians believe that their god is come for teaching the life lesson to society, teaching the forgiving nature and kindness.
  • Christians believe that Christmas is important because it reminds us that life problems and other problems cant be reduced by meditation and introspection.

How is Christmas celebrating in Christianity?

Christians are celebrating Christmas by many different  types of ways, which all are mentioned below

  • By giving and receiving presents
  • By gifting valuable and useful gifts
  • By singing the advent songs, such as “o come, divine messiah,” “o come o come, Emmanuel,” etc.
  • By listening or reading the Christmas story from the bible, for celebrating as reading the bible you can listen to the book at one go or you can part in small parts for listening or read the bible
  • Also, you can go to the  church, if you have time then must go to church on Eve and Christmas day
  • If you feel stress and depression then just take a break, breath slowly and pray after praying to god do what you were doing with a clear and sharp mind
  • Also, you can help poor peoples and teach them how to grow in life, hope it will work for you

What are the Symbols of Christmas?

  1. Angels
  2. Bells
  3. Evergreen trees
  4. Gifts
  5. Holly
  6. Wreath
  7. Santa Claus
  8. Candles
  9. Candy cane
  10. Star

Angels:- Peoples are praying to the god and sand, “glory to god in the highest” and then proclaimed best and important good news on Christmas

Bells:- The Christmas bell signifies that all god will help you, do good things in your life and make life easy and good

Evergreen trees:- Evergreen Christmas tree stays green all the time all the year and it  reminds us of the never lose your hope and internal power, look god in all people

Gifts:- The Christmas gif is reminded us of God gives us great gifts as Jesus christ which is the greatest gift from all over the times, gifts are a symbol of love and kindness

Holly:- the Christmas holly plant represents the immortality, also represent the crown, and red holly berries represent as the blood 

Wreath:- The Christmas wreath symbol is represented as the never-ending love from good whichever has no beginning and end.

Santa Claus:- Santa Claus is giving happiness to children and other peoples by sharing love, kindness, and gifts

Candles:- The Christmas candle reminds that Jesus is the light of the world and shines our world in a positive manner.

Candy cane:- The candy cane in shepherd shape is guiding crook to how they can back to the fold, the white candy is a symbol of the purity of god and the

red is a symbol of the blood 

Star:- Star is the symbol of the light  of the world and shining hope to all peoples

When was Jesus actually born?

We don’t know the exact born date or day, that’s very painful for us that we don’t know the birthdate of our god

What are the best Christmas gifts Idea?

There are many types of Christmas gifts idea whichever are mentioned below

  1. The USA national parks scratch-off poster
  2. This event is in winter season so you can gift Bluetooth knit beanie, in this knit beany we have Bluetooth by it we can listen to music, podcast and also an audiobook
  3. 3D Dinosaur light, this dinosaur is also changing the lights, it can be made children happy
  4. Also, you can gift some greatest book by reading that book they can grow in their life and make life better with their own
  5. You can gift name neckless, I think it’s very useful for them because they have their own name neckless
  6. Heat changing photos on a mug this product very interesting you can gift it
  7. Portable LCD projector
  8. You can annual subscription of different types of services like skillshare, for the audiobook and also Netflix
  9. Also, you can gift soul sisters bracelet
  10. You can gift them multiple name necklace

What are the Christmas traditions?

Christmas traditions are different types. There are many traditions like church, celebration and giving and receiving the gifts, this all tradition varies from a place, country, city and at other places.

What are the top Christmas facts?

  1. We are celebrating Christmas on the birth of Jesus christ
  2. We using Christmas trees on Christmas did you know Christmas trees are first using by the Romans and Egyptians
  3. The biggest Christmas gifts till now are friendship between  US and France peoples
  4. Did you know which place is first for celebrating Christmas special holiday, its Alabama
  5. People are giving Christmas cards to their loved once to show their love in them.
  6. Are you  wearing cute and fashionable Christmas sweaters then nowadays its competition
  7. What is the symbol of love and laughter: mistletoe
  8. Did you know Santa gives us gifts, but what about them, Santa Claus also gets gifts
  9. What is the symbol of wreath: love and eternal life
  10. Santa clause does not wear every time red clothes

Last words:-

Are you feeling sick or any other disses and problems than just go to the church and wise to god and pray for your life.

I hope you are doing great, I will meet again so keep rocking in your work and goodbye

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