From having his wife cheat on him to living off benefits, to signing for Chelsea and playing in the World Cup: The story of Edouard Mendy, the goalkeeper for Senegal.

After great success across multiple tiers in France, Mendy managed to sign a contract with AS Cherbourg. 

Unfortunately, things didn't go too well there, as he played only 26 games in the last three seasons.

Unfortunately, we're all too familiar with what can happen when promising players come across an agent that doesn't seem to be all there.

The same thing happened to Senegal goalkeeper Edouard Mendy. That's why he is fighting to make the World Cup in Qatar.

Will he reach his dream, or will this be just another chance lost?

The Frenchman loved playing football so much that he secretly continued a career to follow his dream. When injury delayed his progress, he was heartbroken, but he kept working and finally found his niche as a goalkeeper. 

Years later, as one of the best in the league, he garnered offers from across Europe.

After playing nearly 80 games in the lower leagues of France, Mendy did manage to sign for AS Cherbourg.

Even though things didn't go as planned, he still played 26 games in the three seasons.