FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Iran Football Protests National Anthem

Our team's passion for professional gaming led them to pursue the world's most prestigious esports tournament, held in Asia this year amidst mass protests against the Iranian regime at home.

The Iranian players refused to sing the national anthem in their World Cup Group Stage match against England.

The biggest headlines of the year have been about mass protests in Asia. 

Watching these difficult moments unfold firsthand has allowed for a clearer perspective on what's happening there, especially regarding repression.

Iran's captain Alireza Jahanbakhsh -- earlier told Iranian television he would not be singing during Monday's match against England.

Teams worldwide have been showing support for the protests in Iran by wearing black jerseys on the field. 

In some cases, players have chosen not to celebrate goals scored while wearing their black shirts.

The Iranian national soccer team has refused to sing the official national anthem at recent events. Still, head coach Carlos Queiroz said he's not entirely sure what the status of those protests is.

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