How to start a Google Meet session from Gmail | 2020 genius method

are you looking for the “How to start a Google Meet session from Gmail“? then you are right place to get steps by steps to start google meet seasion.

so recently google has added a new feature in gmail to start a google meet session from gmail. you don’t have to open any other app to start session.

How to start a Google Meet session from Gmail

google meet is an app to use for business meetings, and lectures and session. before this pandemic google meet app is only for the business and related category but after this zoom data story google announce an amazing news for their users.

we know zoom app is an chines app and their platform is not secure as we know from the recent news. so because of that google has announced google meet premium free for all. we dont have to purchase this premium service to use google meet video calling app to doing sessions.

if you are an old user of the gmail then you will know this features in your gmail account.

to start online session from your gmail app you just need to follow up this below steps.

steps for How to start a Google Meet session from Gmail:

  • open your gmail app in mobile or desktop
  • after that check on the left middle part the screen where you will get this logo to start session
  • by clicking on that logo you can start an session directly

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