61 Working Ways | What is the best use of quarantine period?

best use of quarantine period
best use of quarantine period

What is the best use of quarantine period? 61 things to do in quarantine

right now all of us are stuff at home. so recently I feel very bored at my home. so there are many people who want to know What is the best use of the quarantine period? 61 thing to do in quarantine time.
right now schools are closed, all offices are closed, all theater is closed and each and everything is closed in our country so if you are looking for the best way to use this quarantine period then you are at the right place to get your answer.

List of the best use of quarantine period:

  • you can start a blog and earn from it. if you don’t know about the blogging field then it’s very large and good to start your journey in this quarantine period
  • you can master skills that are related to your field. so that you can achieve success in a short span of the time
  • you can spend quality time with your family
  • If you want to know more about your self then you can spend time with yourself as well. nothing wrong with these things.
  • learn drawing
  • upgrade your art skills
  • you can watch top best movies
  • you can start teaching in youtube and make an audience for your self by just teaching online your master topics
  • start posting daily video and make your audience large
  • read top sellers book in the world. there are many books which I want to recommend you think and grow rich, rich dad poor dad and 7 habits of highly successful people.
  • repairing old electric stuff if you like that work then you can try it.
  • start exercise every day for your body. if you feel healthy and fit you can gonna be successful in the near future.
  • read world leaders’ book or life journey. here I want to recommend a youtube channel for listening biography of great personality youtube name: study IQ
  • listen to music each and every day with skipping any day because it will lift you and motivate you to try hard on your professional and personal work
  • listion your gut feelings. on the basis of the scientific research when you feel any gut feeling then you need to go for that gut feeling. because almost all the time gut feeling is the right decision and you will get success by using that as well.
  • do 1-day challenge for the NO SOCIAL MEDIA DAY
  • apply for the remote job. if can feel this work if you like a remote job or want to experience that then you can apply for the remote job as well
  • teaching: you can teach online by making course and sell it on the internet by using digital marketing
  • you can watch all Marvel movies. I am sure you will love it all the movies of marvel.
  • draw you’re a self-portrait. try this one time in your self it’s very funny and the best thing to get fun
  • play ludo in your free time with your friends, family or with anyone. you will love it that game if you are gonna play it.
  • try to feel nature.. spend time in your balcony or on the terrace. this thing is very good and beneficial for your body as well.
  • help families who need your help.
  • try to contribute as much as you can for your country and make sure you spread positive feelings with everyone.
  • try to read the whole post to get different ideas which you can use in the quarantine period
  • do video call with old clg friends/ colleges or you’re loved once
  • fasting: try to do fasting once a week you will feel better after this fasting. you will get another level of energy after completing the fast.
  •  you can start making audio and share it with the different platforms like Spotify, google podcast, and many other platforms.
  • start a youtube channel and publish your videos regularly. when hitting a certain amount of number subscribers you will also earn money from the youtube as well as from the brand paid promotion.
  • learn to beatboxing and play with it.
  • watch your favorite tv show and feel that childhood in this period.
  • learn a different style of dancing from youtube
  • you can read comics in digital platforms. there many platforms where you can read these comics.
  • start cooking and learn how to cook. it is the one the best feeling when cook for the first time for your family.
  • make a wish list whichever things want to buy it will help you to buy the stuff after this quarantine period.
  • try to do a podcast interview with your grandparents it will help you to understand life and this journey
  • show your feeling toward someone. we don’t know our life span time. so just show your feelings. believe me nothing wrong with this.
  • write a book and a novel. it will very beneficial for yourself in thinking ability.
  • start meditate, its an amazing and mind-blowing experience when you do meditation.
  • talk to your self for better vision and better decision in your life
  • try to explore your thoughts by just sitting at one place for 30 to 60min a day
  • visualize your vision and dream to get it in your real-life
  • do cycling every day to get the fit and fine body and health at the same time
  • try to answer in Quora in your field and follow your passion by reading
  • see the sky at night its an insane experience if you see the sky in the village
  • want to earn money then go for the top 5 required skills learn it and crash it in the market by selling your skill
  • pass your time with kids. I hope you never gonna regret this decision
  • Try hard to speak in English if you really want to learn how to speak English
  • learn human management. how to deal with people. it will very helpful for you to simplify your life
  • learn about how to handle cash flow it will help you to get more money in any source of income. also you can be rich if you understand the how cash flow really works
  • delete or remove your time wasters work or person from your life if you really want to grow in your life
  • read as much as you can if you really want to be rich in your life. because almost all rich and greater leaders are all great readers
  • except you can’t get success in each and every part of your life. so just move in and start doing new things
  • learn how to flip anything whichever you want to flip and make money from it
  • if you really want to make money and want to learn about this things then you can follow garyvee in youtube Instagram and TikTok as well
  • become social media influenced by uploading daily video in TikTok
  • watch Mr bean it will teach you how to have your own company and be happy with yourself.
  • watch tedtalks and get fresh and new knowledge from the internet
  • try to use your emotion for your self in your work to get a better result
  • always give more then expected from you for your customer if you want a loyal customer
  • Spend time with your real and loyal friends.
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best use of quarantine period
best use of quarantine period

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