35+ Photos Proving Cats Are Insane & Want To Take Over World

40. Staring Into Your Soul

This stare is so powerful that it can make you have heart attack. The cat is clearly saying, “I will destroy you” with its eyes.

Staring Into Your Soul

Who knows, maybe he is confidently waiting for human to discover that he peed in their bed. Honestly, we feel that evil is oozing out of his face.

41. Tonight, We Take Over World

This cute cat was caught plotting something very evil under the blanket. We all know it is thinking about taking over the world.

Tonight, We Take Over The World

Maybe cat is thinking, “hmm, what to do? To scratch or to bite, or cuddle…or all, just in a short sequence.”

42. Looks Are Not Deceiving

It looks like feline Jack Nicholson. Some cats look sweet & beautiful, but their cuteness is just tool they use to lure humans & then attack them.

Looks Are Not Deceiving

This cat doesn’t want to use that tool anymore. It is all ready to kill the human, and there is no stopping him.

43. When You Forget To Bring Tuna For Your Cat

This is how cat reacted when mommy told her that she forgot her tuna. The cat is like, “You may wish to rephrase that. or run back to store!”

When You Forget To Bring Tuna For Your Cat

By way, cat has some unique markings on it. You can say that they are killer markings.

44. When You Accidentally Open Portal To Cat World In Front Of Humans

cat has opened a portal to a dark world, and now it is telling the human, “Oh boy, nothing can save you!”

When You Accidentally Open The Portal To Cat World In Front Of Humans

This cat just learned that best way to get rid of humans is to invite otherworld entities. anger in cat’s eyes tells it has no regrets.

45. Is It Demon / Terminator Cat?

Fans of Terminator series can say that the eyes remind them of cyborg assassin. It seems like cat is scared.

Is It A Demon Or Terminator Cat?

Cats only behave like that when they’re extremely threatened, so maybe human scared the cat.

46. Unimpressed Cat

This cat seems like it is ready to sniff your soul / might even suck it if needed. God, that’s 1 scary-looking cat.

An Unimpressed Cat

Those who think this cat is creepy, we have to remind you that it might come in your dream tonight. It looks like Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon.

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