35+ Photos Proving Cats Are Insane & Want To Take Over World

30. Too Bad For Schrödinger

This is so freaking hilarious. We laughed so hard at “Schrödinger’s head!” cat doesn’t want anyone to come close to box.

Too Bad For Schrödinger

We cannot imagine world without cats. They can make anyone’s day better / make it their last day.

31. If Evil Had Face

We seriously don’t want to know / have the guts to find out what is happening in this cat’s head. sinister cat might be plotting to take the life of her human.

If Evil Had A Face

This cat is so smart that it even has forehead maze. It’s Mr. Bigglesworth; of course, he’s plotting end of world.

32. It Is My Hunt, BACK OFF!

What beast! This cat probably spent couple of min stalking her prey before tearing it apart.

"It Is My Hunt, BACK OFF!"

That is 1 misbehaving cat. If it were dog, this person would’ve probably taken it to training school.

33. Aha, Humans Your Days Are Over

It seems like this cat just watched someone trip on 1 of many objects it knocked on floor.

"Aha, Humans Your Days Are Over"

That is exactly how sinister villains look when they plot their evil schemes. This is so hilarious. 

34. Circle Is Just Missing Pentagram

This cat has had enough of its human staying in house due to the pandemic. So, it had no other option than to summon demon for assistance.

The Circle Is Just Missing A Pentagram

It looks like cat is being pulled into a portal. We don’t know what is going on in this kitty’s mind, but 1 thing is sure that something evil is cooking in there.

35. Don’t You Dare Call 911

This frightened cat parent has nowhere to go. cat held human hostage while she was trying to sleep. This woman better sleep with 1 eye open once the cat spares her life. 

Don't You Dare Call 911

cat is like, “This human is my hostage! Get me all the catnip in 5 minutes, or the unthinkable will happen to her!”

36. Is It Cat-cifer?

Most of us will react with simple “HELL NO!!!” after seeing cat summoning

demon. But, why did this person stay there to take this photo? Maybe the cat is just waiting to see what happens to all bats stuck in the chimney.

Is It Cat-cifer?

What would happen if all cats we have shown so far get together somewhere? That would surely be end of the world.

37. With Pink Collar Comes New Powers

It seems like this cat is super happy with its pink collar. It looks like happiest cat in entire world.

With Pink Collar Comes New Powers

cat is so happy that he is saying, “Human, take this hideous collar off me. Get it off, or I will kill & rip your eyes off while you’re asleep. Mark my words.”

38. Face Only Mother Could Love

When kids wear lame clothes / have bad haircut, the mother will always say, “you look so handsome right now.” Well, mothers love you no matter how you look. This is true in case of having cat as well.

You have to love them no matter how scary / evil they are.

A Face Only A Mother Could Love

This is cat’s real face that was hidden under cute face mask. We believe it is a black panther and not cat.

39. That Evil Smile

We know for sure that this cat is planning something very evil. Unfortunately, most of time, they make evil plans in darkness. Luckily, human caught this proof that clearly shows true evil nature of cats.

That Evil Smile

There is also possibility that this cat just watched bird smash into clean window.


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