35+ Photos Proving Cats Are Insane & Want To Take Over World

18. When It’s Dinner Time…

This is how the queen of house screams when the dinner is just ten seconds late. She cannot wait for food to be served.

When It's Dinner Time...

Now person who took photo is convinced her fiancé’s cat is pure evil. By the looks of it, we have to agree. Maybe cat is saying, “I am not getting my food, and I think your soul looks delicious.”

19. Cat Is Mad That Human Survived Its Attack

This cat’s name is Zazzou, and it sits on human’s chest every morning. human knows that cat seems disappointed every morning, seeing that slave is still alive.

The Cat Is Mad That The Human Survived Its Attack

Some people may say that “If I woke up to that face every day, I couldn’t possibly start my day off on wrong foot.” To people who still think cats are not evil, we have to say only three words: you are delusional. 

20. It’s A Green Traffic Light, But But You Cannot Pass

It seems like cat has been fully charged now as both lights have turned green. Or maybe it is traffic light. But if that is case, don’t make mistake of passing by it, or else you might get into an accident.

It's A Green Traffic Light, But You Cannot Pass

You can see that cat is exposing its belly. Her eyes will turn red once you touch the belly.

21. Prepare For Your Demise Human

Here you can see typical cat summoning Satan. There is no reason to freak out. Just run out of house as fast as you can.

Maybe the cat is screaming, “All I am saying is that I have never ever seen my ex and Satan in the same room.”

22. Prepare for Doom

This cat is following laser and thinking, “For once, I will catch this dot, & when I do it, I will murder it.”

Prepare for Doom

some may say that the cat looks cute, but we are giving you warning not to fall for this adorable side. They are as cunning as they can get.

23. Most Evil Intervention Ever

These cats are giving us shivers. In this evil intervention, they talked about human’s irritating habit of taking pictures & not going outside to work. They want human to leave despite having to stay at home due to pandemic.

The Most Evil Intervention Ever

By way, the white cat is fat & looks cute. But you should know that it is leader of evil gang. And hey, we got BONUS cat photo for you because we want to expose clever side of cats as well.

24. My Purrrrrecious

Lord of the Rings fans will be laughing at the cat that looks lot like Gollum (known originally as Sméagol). This greedy cat is like, “Mine all mine. My precious.”

My Purrrrrecious

We have strong feeling that this cat auditioned for part of Gollum in Lord of the Rings. Given how serious cat looks, maybe it doesn’t want to give away its savings as it wants to buy new coat.

25. RIP To Person Who Shot This Video

This cat looks like it caused quite the scare when person tried to record it. Something came over him & caused him to act in such bizarre way. 

RIP To The Person Who Shot This Video

After recording video of cat, the human have had to get a new pair of pants. 

26. Fully Charged Predators

way these cats are looking at human, they are clearly telling him that he came to wrong neighborhood. Is it rare coincidence that there are 13 cats in this photo?

Fully Charged Predators

This person disturbed their weekly meeting in which they discuss ways to make humans love & trust them more. It is all part of their bigger plan.

27. It Looks Like Someone Flour-Bombed Cat

This cat went into kitchen and got covered in flour. Now it looks like demon. It seems pretty clear that cat is plotting some diabolical plans. Maybe it belongs to Stephen King.

It Looks Like Someone Flour-Bombed The Cat

If your cat suddenly appeared in room looking like this, you would probably run in opposite direction. 

28. If Devil Were A Cat

If previous pictures didn’t induce nightmares, this 1 surely will. If Voldemort were a cat, this is definitely what he would look like. 

If The Devil Were A Cat

The cat is reason why we think all cats are evil, especially the hairless ones. It just looks like it was sent from the underworld to destroy world. 

29. When Your Cat SummonsDemon & It Works

Cats like to lay near warm places because it reminds them of where they come from, hell. 

When Your Cat Summons A Demon And It Works

When you stare into darkness, darkness stares back at you. Harry Potter fans will say that cat is talking to Sirius Black. cat must be saying, “Master, everything is going according to plan.”


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