35+ Photos Proving Cats Are Insane & Want To Take Over World

any cat lover out there can testify that felines are cute little fur babies that make most adorable and loving pets. Since Ancient Egypt, people have been mesmerized by the mystique of cats, but after seeing all these photos of devious cats, we don’t know how innocent they really are.

You might think your cat is spending their days sleeping, but they are really plotting against you when you are gone.

From trying to summon demons to steal the meat that was for dinner, you might want to rethink getting cat after seeing these images. And don’t forget to check out the bonus photo at the end!


1. Portal of Demon Cats

Where were you on day when the portal opened, and demon cats entered our world? This image shows how barrier between humans & cats was destroyed on that day.

Portal of Demon Cats

tilt of the eyes makes it scarier! The cat hypnotizes the human with its eyes and says, “Come to me at your peril, slave!”

2. Spider Cat, Spider Cat, Does Whatever Spider Cat Does

When you see your cat behave strangely like this one, it is time to call an exorcist as soon as possible. You can try saying, “By the power of father, the Son, & the Holy Spirit, I command you to release this fluffy animal Begone, demon!”

Spider Cat, Spider Cat... Does Whatever A Spider Cat Does

This is a quite remarkable pose! Who knows, the cat might have seen some ninja videos / wants to scare its humans. 

3. When Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You

Is this cat looking after dark kingdom from above / planning on killing its owner? Given how much love humans give their cats, it won’t be surprise if they have plans to wipe out entire human race.

When Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You

Take this cat, for example. It clearly looks like this cat is telling human, “Go to sleep, I dare you! If you sleep, you may never wake up.” Who knows, maybe human brought puppy home.

4. Winter is Coming They Said

Here is photo of gangster cat walking away after causing havoc. It looks like a scene straight out of an action movie.

Winter is Coming They Said

Maybe cat is an actor, and his name is Tom Cruise. We believe the cat is thinking, “Hasta La Vista Baby!”

5. His Reflection Shows Who He Really Is

We can see that reflection revealed the true nature of this cat. There is hunger in its eyes. Hunger to take control over humans & become their masters… wait, they have already achieved that.

His Reflection Shows Who He Really Is

Maybe cat is asking, “Whatcha got on the table there? McDonald’s, I see. Ohhh, me hungry. Feed me, slave.”

6. Warming Paws??? Nah, It Is Summoning Satan

We know that cats feel cold and like to sit somewhere warm & cozy, but this one seems suspicious. It is like, “Rise Satan, rise and stand before me.”

Warming Paws? Nah, It Is Summoning Satan

There is possibility that the cat is trying to calm the oven down. Or maybe he is just trying to summon turkey. 

7. This Will Be Her Last Selfie

photo was taken moments before the woman disappeared. police only found her cat, who had invited some other friends. They haven’t caught anyone, but we all know who is the real culprit in this case.

"This Will Be Her Last Selfie"

Maybe cat was tired of the human taking so many selfies. The cat is like, “Dear God, forgive me for what I am about to do.”

8. Cats Have Evolved Bit Too Much

What is this abomination? Cats without necks, seriously? Science has gone too far or maybe thia smart fur babies have evolved too much.

Cats Have Evolved A Bit Too Much

cat looks broken, or maybe it has seen something that startled it. We guess that the cat is constipated.

9. Cat is Possessed, Help!

This green-eyed cat was once a sweetheart, and now it is possessed & can twist backward. But then again, all cats are possessed, and there is nothing new about this photo.

The Cat is Possessed, Help!

Imagine going to the kitchen at three AM and seeing your cat twist her neck like the one in this photo. We’d leave home only never to return.

10. Practicing Fire Bending

Any cat parent out there knows exactly what is going on in this cat’s mind, “Should I knock it over? Maybe I should do it.”

Practicing Fire Bending

Either this feline is just curious, or maybe it is trying to practice fire bending. We’d go with fire bending.

11. It’s A Werewolf

Is it just us, or does the shadow look like werewolf? Maybe in previous life, this cat was a werewolf & leader of the pack.

It's A Werewolf

We are pretty sure shadow is revealing the truth about this cat. Maybe cat is just as terrified of its shadow as we are.

12. Alfred HitchCAT

Who needs to watch horror movies to feel scared when you can have cat in house that’ll haunt you at night.

Alfred HitchCAT

cat kind of looks scared as well, just like you tell someone a scary story and get spooked yourself.

13. You Will Start Obeying Me, Human

It seems like this evil cat is trying to hypnotize her human, & we think it worked. It is even working on us.

"You Will Start Obeying Me, Human"

red light is definitely not helping the case of the cat in any way. It just makes it look more evil than it already was.

14. Caught Doing Some Kind Of Satan Ritual In Middle Of The Night

This cat has a habit of summoning devil every night, and you can clearly see that it knows very well how to perform ritual of calling Satan.

Caught Doing Some Kind Of Satan Ritual In The Middle Of The Night

look in the cat’s eyes shows how determined it is, & we’re really terrified. Did someone tell cat that it needs five candles to summon Satan?

15. Catastrophe Is About To Happen

Oh boy, you are not supposed to stumble onto this sort of thing. This person thought they would take photo of their cute cat & instead summoned demon.

A CATastrophe Is About To Happen

We have strong feeling that this creature ate human moments after they took this photo. This is evil in its truest form.

16. Cat’s Got High Beams For Eyes

photo was taken moments before cat came running towards the human, screaming, “I’m here to collect your soul.”

The Cat's Got High Beams For Eyes

Before hunting down human, this cat cut off the power lines as it can easily see in dark with those high beams for eyes.

17. Mom, I’m Just Practicing My Scary Look In Mirror

human was going to kitchen when she found her cat plotting to kill her in middle of the night.

She was so wrong about it. Do you know why? Cats are planning to kill humans 24/7, every day. They plan & execute it at night.

"Mom, I'm Just Practicing My Scary Look In The Mirror"

We don’t know why this lady left note in which she wrote, “I am going to Africa to enjoy life. Please, no one comes looking for me. I don’t want to be found.”


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