35+ Characters You Won’t Believe Are Played By The Same Actor

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29. Kick-Ass From Kick-Ass & Quicksilver From Avengers

Aaron Taylor-Johnson might be most low-key of all superheroes we know.

In Kick-Ass, he played Kick-Ass & became the real-life superhero he saw in all of his comic books. He was probably reading about Quicksilver in some of those comics, which might have been easter-egg for his next role. 

Kick-Ass From Kick-Ass And Quicksilver From The Avengers

In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Taylor-Johnson plays Quicksilver, he traded in his dark brown locks for some icy silver hair. As he got older, put on some more muscle, grew out of his boyish looks, it was harder to see that these 2 are same man. 

30. Selena Quintanilla From Selena & Angela Weber From Twilight

Whenever we see reference to Selena, we automatically think of 1997 movie with J.Lo. However, Christian Serratos recently starred in Selena on Netflix, & at certain angles, she looks just like J.Lo, so people have been confusing them lately. 

Selena Quintanilla From Selena And Angela Weber From Twilight

Serratos also starred in Twilight, when you look at two roles side-by-side, it’s like two completely different people. When she played Angela Weber, she always wore her hair back with glasses, so it wasn’t as glam of look as Selena. 

31. Negan From Walking Dead & Denny Duquette From Greys Anatomy

Jeffrey Dean Morgan brought Negan from Walking Dead to life starting in show’s sixth season.

His angry demeanor is understandable because they had to fight off zombies, but not many people connected dots to realize he had memorable role in another series. 

Negan From The Walking Dead And Denny Duquette From Grey's Anatomy

In season 2 of Greys Anatomy, we met Denny Duquette, who Morgan also plays. As he develops relationship with Izzy before his death, he tugged on viewer’s heartstrings. Because characters are so different in appearance & attitude, it doesn’t seem like same actor portrays them. 

32. Gwen From Amazing Spiderman & Allison From Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past

Emma Stone is 1 of most popular actresses in Hollywood right now & throughout her career she has had multitude of varying roles. From Gwen in Amazing Spiderman to Allison in Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, she is chameleon in acting world. 

Gwen From The Amazing Spiderman And Allison From Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past

Most people are used to seeing Stone in roles where she looks beautiful & put together like Gwen, so when she appeared as Allison with frizzy hair and braces, people wondered who she was. It’s always hard to recognize actresses when they have to change up their everyday style for role. 

33. Donna Sheridan From Mamma Mia & Miranda Priestly From Devil Wears Prada

Mery Streep’s acting abilities are unmatched by most, so she might not look different when she takes on new role, but characterization transforms her.

In Mama Mia, Streep plays Donna Sheridan, hippy-dippy mom with zest for life. One might find it hard to imagine that she can go from that to Miranda Priestly. 

Donna Sheridan From Mamma Mia And Miranda Priestly From Devil Wears Prada

In Devil Wears Prada, Streep’s character is cold, bossy, detached from her family, and complete opposite of Donna. While Streep’s face is distinct, her attitude makes it seem like these are 2 different actresses, which really shows off her abilities. 

34. Barbara From Beetlejuice & Dr. Herman From Greys Anatomy

Although Beetlejuice gives us nightmares, there are many many standout actors from that movie who have gone on to have successful careers like Geena Davis. In film, she portrayed Barbara, she was so young & beautiful when movie was shot. 

Barbara From Beetlejuice And Dr. Herman From Greys Anatomy

Years later, Davis appeared on screen, looking just as gorgeous in Grey’s Anatomy as Dr. Herman. The two roles were so far apart from each other, so people forget that she has done so much in her career. We can barely remember what we did yesterday, let alone remember her whole career. 

35. Sheila From Rocketman & Victoria From Twilights Eclipse

It might be hard to believe that Bryce Dallas Howard has played both Sheila from Rocketman & Victoria from Twilight Eclipse because Howard is often confused for Jessica Chastain.

However, we have to give credit where credit is due. 

Sheila From Rocketman And Victoria From Twilight's Eclipse

Both actresses have red hair and similar facial features, so they are often mistaken, but Howard is 1 who brought these two characters to life.

In this side-by-side picture, she does look like two completely different people thanks to the hairstyles and lighting. 

36. Mark Sloan From Grey’s Anatomy & Cal Jacobs From Euphoria

As Dr. McSteamy, aka Mark Sloan on Grey’s Anatomy, Eric Dane was doctor of our dreams. His rugged good looks & life-saving abilities were swoon-worthy. Once he sadly left show, were you wondering what happened to Dane? 

Mark Sloan From Grey's Anatomy And Cal Jacobs From Euphoria

You might be surprised to find out that he was on a little show called Euphoria as Cal Jacobs. Without his beard, scrubs, white coat, we hardly recognized Dane in this role. He is also supposed to be much older, so we would have never guessed it was same actor. 

37. Cora Hale In Teen Wolf & Mary Stuart In Reign

Adelaide Kane might not be the most well-known actress yet, but she is certainly getting her name out there.

One of her first roles was in season 3 of Teen Wolf as Cora Hale. However, people didn’t start recognizing her until was featured in Reign

Cora Hale In Teen Wolf And Mary Stuart In Reign

As Mary Stuart or Mary Queen of Scots, Kane got her first big role, so people didn’t recognize her from anything else. While she might look pretty similar in pictures, people still refuse to believe that this is same person. 

38. Garrett Reynolds From Pretty Little Liars & Paolo Valisari From Lizzie Mcguire Movie

Raise your hand if you also hated Paolo in Lizzie McGuire Movie.

We thought that was Yani Gellman’s only famous role, but we must have missed him in Pretty Little Liars. Without his shaggy hair & Italian accent, how would anyone know this was same actor? 

Garrett Reynolds From Pretty Little Liars And Paolo Valisari From The Lizzie Mcguire Movie

Gellman had grown up from teenager to man in between these two roles, so it was hard to recognize him.

We don’t know what else he has been in, but most people will only think of Gellman as the boy who tricked Lizzie McGuire for his own personal gain. 



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