35+ Characters You Won’t Believe Are Played By The Same Actor

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22. Captain Hook From Peter Pan & Lucius Malfoy From Harry Potter

We know what you are thinking, there is no way in world that Jason Isaacs was in both of these movies, but take closer look at the pictures. In Peter Pan, Isaacs played marvelous Captain Hook, and with his brown hair, he was transformed into completely different person. 

Captain Hook From Peter Pan And Lucius Malfoy From Harry Potter

Most only recognize Isaacs with icy platinum hair in his role of Lucius Malfoy. He is cold, dark, and will follow whoever makes him feel the most powerful.

Isaacs is the perfect villain, and we love to hate him. Would you have guessed that these were played by the same person? 

23. Inigo Montoya From Princess Bride & Jason Gideon From Criminal Minds

“Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die.” With his fluffy hair & mustache, no one would ever guess that the same actor plays Indigo Montoya from Princess Bride as Jason Gideon from Criminal Minds.

However, Mandy Patinkin brought both characters to life. 

Inigo Montoya From The Princess Bride And Jason Gideon From Criminal Minds

While Indigo Montoya is criminal, Jason Gideon is person who catches criminals. Although there were quite few years between these two roles, which makes characters look even more different, portrayal is on opposite ends of spectrum, and Patinkin did a fantastic job. 

24. Molly Weasley From Harry Potter Series & Rosie Mulligan From Mamma Mia!

Julie Walters made us fall in love with her when she played Molly Weasley in Harry Potter. She was such wonderful mother & wife, and she was strong no matter what happened to her family.

Walters will always be Mrs. Weasley with her auburn hair, so it’s hard to picture her in any other role. 

Molly Weasley From The Harry Potter Series And Rosie Mulligan From Mamma Mia!

It’s amazing what a wig, glasses, and new wardrobe can do for someone.

Walters also played Rosie Mulligan in Mama Mia, and everyone refused to believe that these two characters were same person. It just goes to show how transformative an actor can be in different parts. 

25. Cesar Flickerman From Hunger Games & George Harvey From Lovely Bones

Stanley Tucci played Cesar Flickerman, who is chameleon in his own right. He is known for changing his hair & makeup often and hosts Hunger Games. In this character, Tucci is liked by many people & makes tributes feel safe, which is far from George Harvey’s persona. 

Cesar Flickerman From The Hunger Games And George Harvey From The Lovely Bones

In Lovely Bones, Tucci portrays creepy neighbor who killed Suzie Salmon. Everything about him screams typical serial killer, Tucci surely convinced us of that. These characters don’t look alike at all, and its hard to picture them being brought to life by same person. 

26. Queen Elizabeth II From Crown & Lisabeth Salander From Girl In Spider’s Web

If you watched Netflix’s Crown, you will know that Claire Foy played young Queen Elizabeth in first two seasons.

Although she was supposed to be young she did dress a little frumpy & conservative for her age, but that was Queen’s style. However, Foy played another role where she looked completely different. 

Queen Elizabeth II From The Crown And Lisabeth Salander From Girl In The Spider's Web

In Girl In Spider’s Web, Foy plays Lisabeth Salander. only thing alike between these characters are their similar-sounding names. However, Foy’s prim and proper wardrobe was replaced with black grungy clothes and short bowl cut. Her face might look the same, but we bet you didn’t recognize these characters were played by same actress until we told you. 

27. Nymphadora Tonks From Harry Potter & Twi’lek From Mandalorian

In later Harry Potter movies, Nymphadora Tonks is shape-shifter of sorts, so she can turn herself into anyone she wants. 

Natalia Tena brought her character to life, and she might be shapeshifter in real life because she looks nothing like herself for each different role she plays. 

Nymphadora Tonks From Harry Potter And Twi'lek From Mandalorian

In Mandalorian, Tena plays Twi’lek, who is one of the harder faces to recognize due to all makeup she was wearing. two characters played by Tena might both be purple-toned, but no one drew comparison between them to know that they were both played by the same actress. 

28. Bellatrix Lestrange From Harry Potter Series & Princess Margaret From Crown

Helena Bonham Carter is someone we loved to hate in Harry Potter. She plays Bellatrix Lestrange & kills last family Harry had left. For the role, she was messy, disheveled, evil-looking.

Carter is incredibly talented, which is why some people didn’t know she was same actress in Crown

Bellatrix Lestrange From The Harry Potter Series And Princess Margaret From The Crown

In Crown, she played Princess Margaret in more recent seasons, she is much more polished & put together. If Carter didn’t have such distinct face, some people might not have connected 2, but the characters live in 2 different worlds, that’s for sure. 


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